As a senior consultant of diabetes and endocrinology, Dr. Vipin Talwar’s areas of interest are Diabetes, CGMS & Insulin Pumps, Obesity, Thyroid Disorders, Growth Disorders and Reporductive Endocrinology. His immeasurable experience is testified not only by the number of cases that he has seen but by the number of patients that he has helped in overcoming serious lifestyle diseases like diabetes and thyroid.

Being a highly educated consultant meant that he was bound to impart his knowledge and experience to the aspiring Diabetologist and Endocrinologist. Dr. Vipin Talwar has served as a faculty to various premier colleges and institutes teaching the post-graduate students. Apart from being a senior faculty Dr. Vipin Talwar has also held various office positions in some reputed and known medical associations to serve and for the betterment of the field.

Being a dedicated consultant for diabetes and endocrinology, Dr. Vipin Talwar is equally active when it comes to social activities. He has been attending national and international conferences as both speakers as well as chairperson. Dr. Vipin Talwar has also been actively involved in doctor education programmes and has also conducted patient education session. He also arranges for community education camps for diabetes awareness and detection.

Professional Experience

  • Senior Resident, Dept. Of Medicine – Hindu Rao Hospital, Delhi.
  • Senior Resident, Dept. Of Medicine – Safdurjung Hospital,New Delhi.
  • Senior resident ,Dept. Of Endocrinology – PGIMER, Chandigarh From
  • Consultant Endocrinology & Diabetes at Modern Hospital, Jalandhar – 15 years
  • Currently Working as Director & Sr. Consultant, Endocrinology and Diabetes at Golden Hospital, Jalandhar

Teaching Experience

  • Five Years of teaching post graduate students at Safdurjung Hospital, New Delhi and PGIMER Chandigarh

Areas Of Interest

  • Diabetes
  • CGMS and Insulin Pumps
  • Obesity
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Growth disorders
  • Reproductive Endocrinology
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