Rotary award

Rotary award for Vocational Excellence in field of Medicine

J S A Award

J S A Award for Outstanding Services in Medical Field

Affiliations With Academic Societies

  • Member Superspecialist Committee IMA , Jalandhar
  • Member Academic Committee API- Jalandhar chapter
  • Executive Member Physician forum , Jalandhar
  • Active Member Endo America
  • Member Thyriod Society of India
  • Member AACE
  • Member Endocrine Society of India
  • Member RSSDI
  • Member API
  • Member IMA

Key Office Posts Held

  • President Council of Super Specialists; Jalandhar (2015-16).
  • Member Superspecialist Committee IMA , Jalandhar.
  • Member Academic Committee API- Jalandhar chapter.
  • Executive Member Physician forum , Jalandhar.

Clinical Trials

  • Edge Study
  • Improve Study
  • Improve Plus Study
  • Indian Diabetes Registry Study
  • Promise Trial


  • Regularly attending International and national conferences as Speaker and as Chair person. Chaired many sessions at various API,RSSDI, ESICON,DFSI conferences. Chaired sessions at international meetings at Istambul, Cyprus, Huahin, Bali, Nepal, etc
  • Actively involved in doctor education and CME programmers. On faculty list of Diabetes Society, Endo (Regional), Cleveland clinic, Asian Diabetes Council
  • Frequently conducting patient education session. Regularly arranging community education camps, diabetes detection and awareness workshops.

Research And Publications

  • Validity of 1ug ACTH test in evaluation of HPA Axis V.Talwar,R.J. Dash, PGI Bull.1997
  • Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency-Recent Trends. V. Talwar,R.J. Dash, AFMC Ann.1997
  • Gestational Macromastia V.Talwar,A. Bhansali, S.M.Bose,R.J. Dash , IJOG 1998
  • Cortisol response to AVP do not compare with insulin hypoglycaemia
  • S. Lodha,V. Talwar, R.J. Dash;JAPI;1998
  • Low dose ACTH stimulation test for evaluation of HPA Axis
  • V. Talwar, S. Lodha,R.J. Dash; QJM; 1998
  • Reveiw Article – Human Growth Hormone Therapy R . Murlidharan, V. Talwar, R.J.Dash;JAPI;1998
  • Plasma cortisol response to 1ug ACTH do not differ at 0800h and 1600h A. Bhansali, V. Talwar, R.J. Dash; IJCR; 1998
  • Profile Of diabetic neuropathy in patients with foot ulcers S.K. Jhanjee; V.Talwar, Poster DFSI 2011
  • 10 years of experience of diabetic foot patients V.Talwar, S.K. Jhanjee; Poster DFSI 2015
  • Letter to Editor-Response to Endocrinre Training in India S. Lodha, V. Talwar, IJEM; 2015
  • Rule of 2/3rd in Thyroid epidemiology, V. Talwar , S. Kalra et al. , IJEM ,2016
  • Refractomy Diabetes – Focus on the Obvious , V. Talwar , S.kalra , J. Pak Med. Assn., 2017
  • Diabetes care : Inspiration from Sikhism , V. Talwar , G. Priya , et al. IJEM, 2017

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